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Foxy Lexxi Brown is an international multi award-winning Burlesque, Drag sensation and producer from Montreal, Canada. With a decade of experience in the industry, Foxy Lexxi Brown was voted among the Top 50 Most Influential Burlesque Figure in the industry Worldwide by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine for three consecutive years. She has performed on some of the world's most prestigious stages and has produced numerous shows that have captivated audiences worldwide. Her stage presence, mesmerizing blend of burlesque and drag, and exciting performances have established her as one of the most fierce and captivating performers in the industry.


 She has been featured in numerous publications and has won multiple awards for her work. Her passion and dedication to her craft are evident in every performance she gives. If you're looking for a performer who will leave you breathless and wanting more, look no further than Foxy Lexxi Brown. She is a true master of her art and a force to be reckoned with in both world of burlesque and drag.

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'' A regal and captivating dream 

Black, curves and crowns, she owns the scene 

Goddess setting jaws to the ground 

Foxy, fierce and bad to the Brown ''



meet the sensation the Foxy Lexxi Brown 

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